Threat & Vulnerability Assessments

The security (or risk) assessment process is sequential. Certain assessments must be completed before another task or assessment can begin. Companies or organizations that do not understand or adhere to this process usually fail to identify the threats and vulnerabilities putting their employees, business goals, reputation, Duty of Care responsibilities and financial bottom line at risk.

We use a time-proven approach to the business of managing risk: know the threat (capabilities, plans and intentions), understand your weaknesses (vulnerabilities), and design, implement and test measures that will reduce risk as low as reasonably practical.

Our Threat Assessments do more than identify current and emerging threats. They help the client to understand adversary capabilities, plans and intentions and illustrate the consequences or impact an adversary’s actions could have on the client’s employees as well as near and long-term goals.

Our Vulnerability Assessments identify weaknesses in existing security plans and predictable patterns of activity and human behavior. The assessment demonstrates how an adversary or hazard identified in the Threat Assessment could potentially exploit identified vulnerabilities to disrupt, damage or destroy life and property.

These are operationally-driven assessments that provide crucial data needed to calculate and mitigate risk. The results of this process enable informed strategic decision-making, save time and money, and provide peace of mind so the client can focus on their core business.

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