In 2018, Offline Solutions d.o.o. will become the first Croatian company to establish a presence in the Safe Ports Regional Gateway in Jordan.  On November 27, 2017, Safe Ports, Inc., in cooperation with the Mafraq Development Corporation and Jordanian Armed Forces, established the Regional Gateway, a master-planned logistic site co-located with the King Hussein Air Base and the Al-Mafraq Special Economic Zone.

Located at the crossroads of a 3,000-meter airfield, modern highways and free-trade access, the Regional Gateway enables businesses and NGOs to maximize their participation in the reconstruction, development and increased trade in post-conflict Syria, Iraq, and greater Gulf region.

The Safe Ports Regional Gateway is located 75km north of Amman, Jordan, 3km from the Syrian border, and 65km from the Iraqi border.  The Regional Gateway offers direct access to the Ports of Haifa and Aqaba and benefits from extensive and modern road, utility, and security infrastructure developed for international businesses and NGOs.

As the Safe Ports Regional Gateway’s only European security and risk management partner in the region, Offline Solutions d.o.o. provides full service due diligence, investigation, executive and dignitary protection, and security support to European companies looking to grow their market share in the Middle East, particularly in post-conflict Syria and Iraq, which will benefit substantially from UN, EU and World Bank grants, contracts and financial support.


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