Kidnap & Ransom Faciliation

Offline Solutions’ relationships and trusted access to networks of security professionals, community influencers, tribal elders, and facilitators in North Africa and the Middle East gives our clients peace of mind and confidence in the event an employee, a colleague, or a loved one goes missing. We use highly-vetted, well-trained K&R consultants and negotiators with deep and nuanced experience in the MENA region to facilitate favorable outcomes for kidnapping, detention and extortion situations. In these circumstances, our principal managers take on a personal, direct role in coordinating and overseeing the K&R negotiation process, including liaison with family members, insurance companies, local authorities, and other stakeholders. Finally, our ability to discreetly deploy armed close protection teams, led by experienced expat team leaders, to virtually any country in the MENA region, affords our clients the security and assurance required to ensure positive outcomes in worst-case scenario situations.

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