High-Risk Environment Captain/Master/Boat Operator


The Captain/Master/Boat Operator is responsible for 24/7 routine transportation and emergency maritime evacuation of Offline Solutions employees and clients from Aden, Yemen to Djibouti.  Captain and vessel will work closely with high-risk environment close protection teams responsible for the safety, security and welfare of approximately 45 international expats.  This position will require rotational (15-21 day) deployments between Croatia, Djibouti and Yemen.

Primary Duties:

  • Captain/pilot vessels >25m in length
  • Plan and execute high-risk international maritime movement
  • Steer and operate vessels using radios, depth finders, lights, and buoys
  • Safely operate vessel in all weather conditions
  • Familiar with international and local maritime laws and regulations
  • Inspect vessel to ensure safe operations
  • Coordinate material handling, rig tow lines, and vessel movement
  • Record operational details of vessel travel
  • Report defects and matters affecting safe operations
  • Review on-board contingency plans and procedures
  • Report non-conformities, accidents & injuries involving personnel or equipment and hazardous situations
  • Maintain all documentation and records relevant to maritime operations
  • Manage overall operations and safety of the vessel
  • Maintain security files and ensure all notifications and reports in accordance with Vessel Security Plan
  • Responsible for seaworthy condition of the vessel, ensuring the vessel is properly manned at all times, secured and ready for voyage
  • Ensure Certificates of Inspection are upheld and comply with international maritime and navigation laws and regulations, and other regulatory bodies affecting the vessel
  • Ensure hull penetrations or any structural deformations or cracks receive immediate attention
  • Observe weather conditions at all times and take proper action when necessary while communicating such actions to the Company
  • Advise the Company of unusual delays and/or causes with revised ETA’s for port of call
  • Reports to the Company repairs or maintenance involving navigation equipment requiring onshore assistance and/or coordination for repair
  • Immediately reports any Reportable Marine Casualty per (46 CFR 4.05) to the Company
  • Conduct routine visual inspections to maintain vessel security, sanitation and general cleanliness on a daily basis and completes thorough weekly inspections, documenting results of inspections
  • Plot and review all course lines noted on the appropriate chart
  • Ensure a licensed watch officer is awake, alert and on watch at all times while underway, at anchor and moored alongside a dock
  • Maintain the vessel’s Official Log Book
  • Document disciplinary cases, crew accidents and illnesses
  • Monitor Flag & Port State legislation and requirements


Requirements Include:

  • Possess 5-10 years of experience in high-risk maritime navigation and operations
  • Possess leadership qualities with the ability to give personnel sound instructions
  • Possess all documentation and licenses as set forth by international maritime law and company policies
  • Possess Marine Radio Operations license
  • Possess Radar certification (endorsement necessary as per vessel)
  • Possess international maritime license satisfying COI requirements of applicable vessel
  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Be in good physical condition and of sound mind with no physical limitations preventing performance of duties
  • Ability to work 12 hours or more per day, stand for long periods of time & lift at least 30 kilograms


About Us:

Offline Solutions is a risk management and security company delivering professional, confidential security solutions that exceed our clients’ needs.  Our team has extensive experience in security operations, security design, threat and vulnerability assessments, and due diligence investigations.  We have supported private and public sector corporations and non-governmental organizations around the globe and are partnering with an international logistics company to establish a Life Support Area (LSA) in Aden, Yemen.  Once complete, the LSA will provide secure 24/7/365 life support to international expats and NGOs working in southern Yemen.  A key component of the LSA will be reliable, safe and secure maritime transportation for both routine and emergency situations (i.e., medical evacuation, crisis evacuation, etc).

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