Whether it is a multinational corporation exploring new markets in Nigeria, an NGO delivering clean water to villages in Yemen, or international conflict-mapping and peace-building in Libya, the people and organizations supporting these activities face significant security challenges.

Offline Solutions brings order to the chaos and peace of mind to the process of reducing risk to people working in conflict-prone environments. Our security and risk management services are tailored to each client’s needs and circumstances. Our services are planned and executed to the highest standards of professionalism and discretion by internationally-recognized and accredited security subject matter experts.

Threat & Vulnerability Assessments

The security (or risk) assessment process is sequential. Certain assessments must be completed before another task or assessment can begin. Companies or organizations that do not understand or adhere to this process usually fail to identify the threats and vulnerabilities putting their employees, business goals, reputation, Duty of Care responsibilities and financial bottom line at risk.

We use a time-proven approach to the business of managing risk: know the threat (capabilities, plans and intentions), understand your weaknesses (vulnerabilities), and design, implement and test measures that will reduce risk as low as reasonably practical.

Our Threat Assessments do more than identify current and emerging threats. They help the client to understand adversary capabilities, plans and intentions and illustrate the consequences or impact an adversary’s actions could have on the client’s employees as well as near and long-term goals.

Our Vulnerability Assessments identify weaknesses in existing security plans and predictable patterns of activity and human behavior. The assessment demonstrates how an adversary or hazard identified in the Threat Assessment could potentially exploit identified vulnerabilities to disrupt, damage or destroy life and property.

These are operationally-driven assessments that provide crucial data needed to calculate and mitigate risk. The results of this process enable informed strategic decision-making, save time and money, and provide peace of mind so the client can focus on their core business.

Executive & Dignitary Protection Advance Support

We provide full-spectrum Advance support to executive and dignitary protection teams operating in the Balkans, southeastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa. Our Advance support includes:

  • Up-to-date travel and location-based threat assessments
  • Liaison coordination with local security companies and law enforcement
  • Coordinating secure transportation and communications
  • Identifying and assessing safe havens and emergency support facilities
  • Social media monitoring for protective intelligence and early warning
  • Route and Attack Site analysis
  • Surveillance detection support

On-site Advance support as required

Emergency Evacuation Planning & Support

When disaster strikes or the “unthinkable” has occurred we offer solutions. Our emergency evacuation plans are individually tailored for “at-risk” personnel in the country or region they are working. These plans and protocols are carefully vetted and tested to ensure responsiveness and reliability. Evacuation planning and support can include:

  • Sourcing and evaluating land, air and sea transportation options
  • Designing and vetting primary/alternate evacuation routes
  • Identifying and vetting safe havens and support personnel
  • Developing and testing primary/alternate emergency communication plans
  • Providing on-site/on-call medical and security assistance
Humanitarian Crisis Mapping & Capacity Building

We offer important capacity-building data and information gathering for non-governmental and civil society organizations working in regions affected by conflict or natural disaster. We use locally-based and vetted enumerators to gather and analyze hyper-local ground truth information about social, political, economic and security developments impacting post-conflict or post-disaster reconstruction, development and security. This helps NGOs and CSOs identify and better understand key influencers, local leaders, conflict drivers and community needs and “entry points” for implementing peace and reconciliation, security sector reform, countering violent extremism, and disaster relief programs.

Social Media Awareness & Trend Tracking

Our social media tracking services provide enhanced situational awareness and early warning of potential threats or risks to client activities, research and development, marketing and sales, and protection from counterfeiting. This service also compliments existing pre-employment screening, due diligence and vetting and helps risk managers ensure current and past employee compliance with corporate security policies and agreements protecting intellectual property and brand integrity.

Business Traveler Security & Awareness Training

Duty of Care, the legal and moral responsibility companies have to ensure the safety, security and well-being of employees, knows no borders. For companies or organizations wanting to prepare their employees for travel or work abroad we offer customized seminars, workshops and field training exercises addressing threats and hazards unique to the traveler’s destination. These include local and transnational terrorism, crime, scams, and corruption, as well as disease, health and medical concerns. Our pre-travel training also includes location-specific primers on social customs, culture and mores to help the traveler understand the social fabric and navigate the country where they will be traveling or working.

For individuals working in conflict zones, we offer specialized training that teaches the client how to identify and reach safe havens, develop and test emergency communication and evacuation plans, navigate urban and rural areas, and how to avoid and survive kidnapping or hostage situations. All training is customized to suit the client’s requirements but generally focuses on one or all of the following:

  • High Risk Business Traveler Safety & Security Awareness
  • Remote/Wilderness First Aid & Medical Preparedness
  • NGO Safety, Security & Situational Awareness
  • Kidnap Avoidance, Response & Survival
Kidnap & Ransom Faciliation

Offline Solutions’ relationships and trusted access to networks of security professionals, community influencers, tribal elders, and facilitators in North Africa and the Middle East gives our clients peace of mind and confidence in the event an employee, a colleague, or a loved one goes missing.

We use highly-vetted, well-trained K&R consultants and negotiators with deep and nuanced experience in the MENA region to facilitate favorable outcomes for kidnapping, detention and extortion situations.

In these circumstances, our principal managers take on a personal, direct role in coordinating and overseeing the K&R negotiation process, including liaison with family members, insurance companies, local authorities, and other stakeholders.

Finally, our ability to discreetly deploy armed close protection teams, led by experienced expat team leaders, to virtually any country in the MENA region, affords our clients the security and assurance required to ensure positive outcomes in worst-case scenario situations.

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