Business Traveler Security & Awareness Training

Duty of Care, the legal and moral responsibility companies have to ensure the safety, security and well-being of employees, knows no borders. For companies or organizations wanting to prepare their employees for travel or work abroad we offer customized seminars, workshops and field training exercises addressing threats and hazards unique to the traveler’s destination. These include local and transnational terrorism, crime, scams, and corruption, as well as disease, health and medical concerns. Our pre-travel training also includes location-specific primers on social customs, culture and mores to help the traveler understand the social fabric and navigate the country where they will be traveling or working.

For individuals working in conflict zones, we offer specialized training that teaches the client how to identify and reach safe havens, develop and test emergency communication and evacuation plans, navigate urban and rural areas, and how to avoid and survive kidnapping or hostage situations. All training is customized to suit the client’s requirements but generally focuses on one or all of the following:

+ High Risk Business Traveler Safety & Security Awareness

+ Remote/Wilderness First Aid & Medical Preparedness

+ NGO Safety, Security & Situational Awareness

+ Kidnap Avoidance, Response & Survival

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