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Offline Solutions -- an international risk consultancy firm providing clients with customized solutions to complex logistic, physical security, crisis management and contingency planning solutions. We support businesses and organizations operating in high-risk or potentially unstable environments. Our staff and subject matter experts have decades of experience providing a wide range of bespoke and confidential risk management services to clients worldwide, and we stand ready to assist and enhance your organization’s ability to protect your greatest assets, whatever, whoever, and wherever they may be.

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We live in uncertain times. A crucial measure of a company’s long-term success is its ability to survive and thrive in high-risk and competitive markets. In other words, developing organizational resilience to endure both anticipated and unforeseen challenges to the status quo and leverage opportunities in the wake of disaster or crises. Throughout history, and with greater frequency, we see evidence of catastrophic and life-changing disasters, and yet most people blindly subscribe to the notion that because a particular event or disaster has not happened, it will never happen. Yet now more than ever, the individual, corporate or an organizational ability to anticipate trouble ahead and to plan and prepare for crises determines whether they survive, thrive, or perish.